Triple T International Dental Laboratory

1) Full Contour Zirconia, Mill Block, Glazing Finish (recommend using on Molar)

2) Emax Empress (veneers, onlay and crowns) most translucent, lively look on SINGLE UNIT case due to the shade tends to be soft and easy matching with adjacent tooth, for Full mouth case, Zirconia also can do the same job

3) Zirconia CADCAM, Zirconia core and then Porcelain Finish, machine measure on impression with all types of prep, tougher than EMAX, need to mind the opposite clearance might the hardness will worn off the opposite tooth, or the porcelain will chip off, with tight occlusion Full Contour Zirconia will do the job

4) Porcelain fused on metal, for crown and bridge probably old fashion and in long run the buccal metal will shown if the gum recessed. For implant, stable and easy control

*** Triple T International Laboratory on material recommendations