Process and Schedule

For Hong Kong (Local Clients)

Contact +852 2671 9666 (account)

Whatsapp / Call +852 6801 0826 (pick up / technical)

For Overseas Clients

The process is Simple and Easy!

1)Setup an account with the major express service,
they will provide you the account number

2) Wrap your impression and bite registration in a food bag and staple with the labsheet.
3) Once you secure the box and then fill in the express airway bill (***remember the custom form) then you can call.
4) From the day we received 5 working days the parcel will be reached to your door step
****implant jobs may vary because of the parts ordering.
WE are happy to assist you, simply send us an email and we will answer you asap. So, setup now and then wrap and call, you will find out this is very easy and simple.